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Introducing the New Premier Vein Clinics Facility

In late October, we completed our months-long construction project for our new facility at 6408 Papermill Drive in west Knoxville. If you’ve passed through the area recently, you have likely seen the transition of the exterior of the building. Now that we are moved into our new facility, located in Premier Surgical’s new 2-story, 28,000 square […]

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Back on his feet with vein treatment!

Held hostage by severe pain in his legs, James “Eddie” Bilbrey of Rockwood could only bear to stand for 30 minutes before needing to find a seat. His once daily routine of walks and exercise vanished. Even though he was not diabetic, many of his symptoms pointed to diabetic neuropathy. After consulting doctor after doctor […]

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6 Facts About Varicose Veins and Leg Pain

Not all varicose veins bulge or rise above the surface of the skin. Some varicose veins are located deep within the leg and invisible on the surface. Leaky valves within the vein and weakened vein walls can lead to the accumulation of blood in the leg. Due to the buildup of pressure from this pooling […]

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How To Lessen Your Leg Cramping Pain

The pain of leg cramps, while excruciating at times, is only temporary until the cramp subsides. In general, leg cramps occur in the calf or muscles along the side of the foot. In rare cases, a more intense cramp can leave these muscles with lingering soreness. It is important to determine whether the source of […]

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