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What Are Those Little Purple Veins On My Legs?

While many patients at Premier Vein Clinics in Knoxville seek relief from painful, bulging varicose veins in their legs, it’s also common for people to ask, “What’s this thinner purplish cluster of veins on my legs?” Generally red or purple-blue in appearance, these dilated veins near the surface of the skin are called spider veins, […]

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Are Spider Veins Cramping Your Lifestyle?

Many patients come to Premier Vein Clinics exasperated because the appearance of their spider veins is taking a toll on their lifestyle. Cosmetically, spider veins can certainly be unsightly. It’s not uncommon for patients to tell us they won’t wear shorts on even the hottest summer day because of ugly spider veins on their legs, […]

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4 Tactics To Treat Spider Veins on Legs

If you have spider veins you are probably well aware of how they get their name. These small vessels are red, purple or blue in color and through a series of twists and turns resemble a spider web most often visible on the legs or face. The Cleveland Clinic suggests almost 80 million Americans have […]

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Tiny Spider Veins that Love to Stick Around

At Premier Vein Clinics, following treatments such as Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Endovenous Laser Therapy, or Radiofrequency Ablation Endovenous Therapy for larger varicose veins, you may have tiny spider veins that stick around. In most cases, our physicians offer one Sclerotherapy or Starlux Laser treatment to help you achieve the appearance you are looking for with your […]

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How to Reduce Your Risk of Spider Veins – 4 Simple Tips

Spider veins are enlarged veins near the surface of the skin. They often resemble spider legs or webs hence the name, spider veins. They may appear blue, red, or purple in color. Reduce your risk of spider veins with these four simple tips: 1. Wear support hose or compression stockings when working on your feet. […]

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