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Understanding the difference between varicose veins and vascular disease

Not sure how to tell whether your achy legs and ropy-looking legs are caused by varicose veins or more serious vascular disease?  Premier Vascular Surgeon Dr. Stephen Tonks discusses the differences in this segment on WATE’s Living East TN program. Finding relief for varicose veins and vascular disease with Premier Surgical  

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Vascular Treatment Eases Knox Lady’s Leg Pain

Inflicted by severe leg pain for years, 58-year old Rhonda of Knoxville could barely make it through her work day. “I’m a bookkeeper, but also work at a donut shop. During a busy day I’m on the floor from 7 am to 3:30 pm. By the time I got off work, all I could stand […]

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Vein Treatment Isn’t Just for Ladies

Many men think that varicose veins are a “woman’s problem.” Although varicose veins may be more common among women, this does not mean that men can’t have them too. These enlarged, swollen, and sometimes twisted veins occur as a result of weakened valves of the vein. When valves weaken, the blood leaks backward and flows […]

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Can Varicose Veins Be Dangerous To Your Health?

Many people who have varicose veins are concerned about the appearance of their legs. At Premier Vein Clinics of Knoxville, we also know that for some people, varicose veins are more than an aesthetic problem, and may even indicate a more serious medical issue. Varicose veins are most common in the lower legs due to […]

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Does Summer Heat Make Varicose Vein Symptoms Worse?

At Premier Vein Clinics in Knoxville, we realize the warm summer months can pose a problem for our patients who suffer from varicose veins. For some, the concern is cosmetic — embarrassment about ropey, bulging veins in their legs causes many people to wear long pants or skirts even as the temperatures soar. But for […]

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4 Inside Tips From Vein Specialists For Finding The Right Vein Clinic

You’ve suffered from pain and swelling from varicose veins long enough, and are ready to talk with a vein specialist about treatment options. The good news is that treating varicose veins has never been easier. Today’s procedures are minimally invasive and can be done in a vein clinic or doctor’s office in about an hour. […]

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Blood Clots & Your Veins

From Parkwest Health & Lifestyles Your veins pump blood across your body and to the heart as part of your  circulatory system. When a clot forms in a vein, it can cause major issues, including immediate death. You can lower your risk factor for blood clots through lifestyle changes and medication. What is vascular disease? […]

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